What is the Nu Skin Awards Suite?

At Nu Skin, we want to celebrate your success at every step of your Brand Affiliate journey in a way that matters the most to you. So, we developed our Awards Suite to do just that. This convenient and unique platform lets you easily choose the recognition awards that mean the most. In the month after you achieve a new Title, you’ll receive an e-mail directing you to the Nu Skin Awards Suite website. Then you’ll just log in with your Nu Skin username and password, place your order from an array of awards that matches your new pin title, and your exciting new award will be delivered to your door in about 15–25 days.

Why are we launching the Awards Suite? 

Awards Suite gives you, our Brand Affiliates, the opportunity to choose what awards matter the most to you! We always want to give our leaders the best experiences possible, and this is one more way we can do that. 

Where can I find the Awards Suite? 

You’ll receive a confirmation e-mail on approximately the 10th of the month after you achieve a new Title for the first time. This e-mail will contain instructions to redeem your award(s) (there’s a maximum of two awards per Nu Skin Account). If you’d like to browse the platform without this link, you can also access it by logging into your V&G Recognition page. You can only place an order once you have achieved a new Title and received a confirmation e-mail though. Also, you can only access the Awards Suite if you’re a new Brand Representative–new Blue Diamond Director/Executive Brand Director in markets where the program has been launched. 

I recently qualified for a new Title but still haven’t received my pin. Why is that? 

Please check if the Awards Suite is active for your market. In markets using the Awards Suite for recognition items, pins are no longer automatically shipped. Instead, you must proactively place your pin order through the Awards Suite as your new Title award. Who can participate in the Awards Suite? You can only access the Awards Suite if you are a new Brand Representative–new Blue Diamond Director/ Executive Brand Director that has achieved a new Title. 

Can I order awards for my partners? 

If you have a partner registered on your account in the month you earn your new Title, you can order up to two of each award (one for you and one for your partner). You cannot earn a new Title and then add the partner afterward and still order a second award.

If I achieve several new Titles in a single month, can I order an award for all my new Titles at once? 

Yes, you get to order an award for each new Title you achieve, even if you achieve more than one Title at the same time. 

When placing an order, do I need to enter the shipping address and recipient name in Roman characters?

No. Please enter your name and address in your local language/characters. 

Are there any fees to ship or order my awards? 

No. You will not be charged any fees or costs to order and ship your awards. All duties/taxes/shipping are handled by Nu Skin. 

Do I have to order my new award immediately after I receive my notification email? 

No. You have 180 days (6 months) from the date of receiving your notification e-mail to order your award(s). After that, your unique Award Suite link will expire. 

Where is Awards Suite currently available? 

Currently, you can access Awards Suite in our Canada, US, Japan, and Korea markets, and our Pacific and EMEA regions. 

What should I do if I’m having any problems with the Awards Suite or V&G websites?

If you have any problems or concerns, please contact your Account Manager or get in touch with the Call Center.

What should I do if I receive a defective award or an award that’s the wrong size?

If you have any problems with an award, don’t hesitate to reach out to info@nuskinawardssuite.com and we’ll help resolve your issues as quickly as possible.

What are the Terms & Conditions for the Awards Suite?

You can find all the Awards Suite Terms and Conditions here